ParcourSup study: French higher education

Here is the URL link to the original dataset. This is my personal project about ParcourSup data, the French process to get to higher education and which type of students go to which type of higher education which will be published in multiple parts. I wanted to look at this data because higher education (also called post-bac education in France) is a huge deal and can also shows a lot about our society. It's also interesting to compare reality with what we usually view higher education. Last but not least, that's also a good exercice of data visualization and story telling which I hope you will enjoy.

How to use this file?

Most figures are interactive: you can select an item in the legend (usually on the right side) to remove this item from the figure. You can also double-click on it to show this item only and remove the others. Another double-click will display back all items. If you have any comment or problem, reach me out on my LinkedIn!


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Back to school! Or rather, its analysis. Last time, we got a good look at map of all kinds to see where students go to study. Most notably we learned that many formations are centered around Paris (and Lyon to a lesser extend), disproportionately so. We will now define and study some indicators that will let us good a more statistical grasp of the differences between each kind of formation.

Formations indicators

We will define 6 indicators here to go on this analysis:

To get more data points, the data is grouped not only along the formation type, but also the region (which means that each formation type should be represented 14 times as not metropolitan regions are aggregated together again). The size of each data point is the square root of the total of candidates.

Let's start with the most basic indicator: the admission ratio. It will give us an hint about how selective formations can truly be.